Formed in 1994. We are a small friendly and enthusiastic club for all things Rex. Whether you have a Devon, Cornish, Selkirk or a LaPerm. This is the club for you.  To join contact the membership secretary as listed below. We run a yearly, in August certificated GCCF Cat Show, where ALL cats are welcome to enter. 

We hope that all our members are keeping well during these difficult times.


Due to 2020 being such an uneventful year for the club, the Committee has decided to waive the subs for 2021, giving all current members a free year.

However, quite a few members did not renew in 2020 - if you are one of those, we would be grateful to receive your subs before the end of the year. Please pay directly into our account advising us of your full name or contact Rosee Macdonald if you wish to pay by cheque.

Bank details: 80-22-60 18346169.

SRCC Breeders

Cherek Devon Rex, Fife (Facebook) or email

Dendav Devon Rex, Glasgow (Facebook) or Website 

Quintelin Devon Rex, Ayrshire (Facebook)

Sultansrex Devon Rex 

Are you looking for a preloved Devon Rex that you would like to rehome. Contact our Welfare Officer Dee Carrick on 01546 886392 (after 7pm)

You can visit us at:

Scottish Rex Cat Club on Facebook 

Email Contact our:
Secretary at:

Treasurer and Membership Secretary at:
Welfare Officer at: 01546886392

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