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Formed in 1994. We are a small friendly and enthusiastic club for all things Rex. Whether you have a Devon, Cornish, Selkirk or a LaPerm. This is the club for you.  To join contact the membership secretary as listed below. We run a yearly, in August certificated GCCF Cat Show, where ALL cats are welcome to enter. 



Subs for 2023 are now due.

£4.00Senior &Junior £5.00 Single £10.00 Joint Family £12.00

Please pay directly into our account advising us of your full name or contact Rosee Macdonald if you wish to pay by cheque.

Bank details: 80-22-60 18346169.

SRCC Breeders

Cherek Devon Rex, Fife (Facebook) or email

Dendav Devon Rex, Glasgow (Facebook) or Website

Quintelin Devon Rex, Ayrshire (Facebook)

Sultansrex Devon Rex, Greenock

Are you looking for a preloved Devon Rex that you would like to rehome. Contact our Welfare Officer Dee Carrick on 01546 886392 (after 7pm)

You can visit us at:

Scottish Rex Cat Club on Facebook 

Email Contact our:
Secretary at:

Treasurer and Membership Secretary at:
Welfare Officer at: 01546886392

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